Cynthia Guzman

Cynthia was named to the governing board of
LA Waterkeeper in December of 2023

About Cynthia:

As a Principal at Estolano Advisors, Cynthia advises clients on how to integrate socioeconomic and environmental benefit into projects, policies, and programs that directly support vulnerable communities. Cynthia is an urban planner and strategist with over ten years’ experience advising clients on a variety of projects from climate resilience to equitable economic and workforce development.  Of note, Cynthia serves as advisor and to the LA County Chief Sustainability Office on an effort to identify a pipeline of community-led climate resilient infrastructure projects designed to strengthen those LA County communities most vulnerable to climate hazards. Cynthia also served as facilitator and advisor to Oregon Metro’s Construction Career Pathways project.  The effort brought together sixteen public agencies in the Portland region to develop a policy framework that will increase the participation of women and people of color in the public sector construction workforce. Cynthia was appointed by California Governor Gavin Newsom to the Los Angeles Water Quality Control Board, where she served from 2016-2021.  She earned both a Master of Arts in Urban and Regional Planning and a bachelor of arts degree from the University of California, Los Angeles.

About Los Angeles WATERKEEPER

Los Angeles Waterkeeper’s mission is to fight for the health of the region’s waterways, and for sustainable, equitable and climate-friendly water supplies. We envision the Los Angeles region as an international leader on integrated, sustainable and equitable water management; a region that is water self-sufficient, and where all waterways throughout the county are safe, healthy and accessible to the public.