Organization Profile - MOSTe

Please review carefully this profile and the board member roles/responsibilities when considering these board openings. Latinos LEAD will contact you for a preliminary interview if you meet the qualifications. Applications from strong candidates will be forwarded to the nonprofit organization for consideration.

Programming Area(s)

Economic Development, Higher Education. K-12 Education, Scholarships

Desired Expertise

Accounting, Communications, Finance, IT, Programs/Projects

Mission Statement

MOSTe’s mission is to mentor and empower girls from underserved areas of Los Angeles County to become the next generation of college-educated women. Our vision is to develop women who are confident, career-focused agents of social change.

Organization Description

MOSTe supports students through comprehensive academic and personal growth-focused programming, designed to inspire the young women in our programs and leverage their strengths. Students enter our programs in the seventh grade, and are supported through college graduation with academic and personal growth workshops, caring mentorship, college visits, career exploration outings, college counseling, financial aid support, application guidance, and more. Further, our programs prioritize the overall development of the young women we serve—we support critical social and emotional growth, soft skills practice, self-advocacy, and the overall wellbeing of our students.


Position Description

Major Responsibilities of Board Members:
• Organizational leadership and advisement
• Organization of the board of directors, officers, and committees
• Promotion of the organization
• Fundraising and outreach
• Formulation and oversight of policies and procedures
• Financial management, including approval and oversight of annual budget
• Oversight of program planning and evaluation
• Personnel evaluation and staff development
• Review of organizational and programmatic reports

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