Partner Spotlight: Justice Outside

In this edition the spotlight is on Justice Outside, an Oakland California based nonprofit that is expanding its grantmaking and other partnership initiatives to other states in the Southwest. Justice Outside advances racial justice and equity in the outdoor and environmental movement.


Justice Outside currently makes grants to twelve 12 organizations that operate in New Mexico and Arizona and is expanding its programming to communities in the region.  This expansion aligns with its vision to advance racial justice and equity in the outdoor and environmental space, providing grants and other support to organizations doing this important work.

Latinos LEAD is proud to collaborate with Justice Outside to recruit two board members.  This is an outstanding opportunity for Latino professionals interested in philanthropy, environmental justice, and leadership development to join the team of a highly respected nonprofit organization. Strong applicants and nominees will be supportive and eager to gain knowledge about the Justice Outside mission.  Board members often participate in mission-connected activities, including site visits with grantee partners.

Sonia Marroquin, Justice Outside Board Chair, is enthusiastic about meeting board candidates.  “We would love to welcome new board members with strong ties to these communities to help build upon our current success,” Marroquin said.  “The U.S. Southwest was part of our inaugural Liberated Paths grantmaking in 2021 and is a region filled with beautiful outdoor spaces and strong communities working to protect those spaces. During our next phase of growth, we need new board members who are dedicated to helping us shape and guide our future vision in the region.”

New board members will join a cohort of 15 devoted board volunteers in the oversight of this $7 million nonprofit.  The Justice Outside staff team of 33 carries out a wide range of innovative programs providing established and aspiring outdoor professionals with the skills necessary to transform the environmental field into a more equitable and culturally relevant sector.

Kim Moore Bailey, CEO, emphasized the roles played by board members.  “We are looking for strategic thinkers who can help the organization prepare for the known and unknown opportunities and challenges years down the road.” Moore Bailey added, “This may come in any range of skills; some legal acumen, for example to help us navigate legal landscapes, or it might be human resources or finance.”

Justice Outside’s board enjoys social activities with fellow board directors and senior staff–most often planned around their official meetings, especially when the sessions are held in person.

Please visit the Justice Outside posting for more information about this unique opportunity.  Applications and nominations should be submitted to [email protected]