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Board Member Recruiting

PATHWAYS to LEAD deploys state-of-the-art executive search techniques to recruit qualified Latinos for nonprofit board service.  Board candidates are identified through self-referrals, third-party nominations, and vigorous outreach to leaders in the private, nonprofit, and public sectors.

Latinos LEAD taps into its national database of board candidate profiles to begin the search, following leads to achieve the optimum alignment between the candidate's competencies and the priorities of the nonprofit organization.  Latinos LEAD screens and interviews candidates, narrowing the search to a select group of nominees.

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Board Candidate Training

READY to LEAD provides regular seminars to train board candidates for successful nonprofit board service.  Seminars are offered to all those who register as prospective board candidates, regardless of whether they are being actively recruited.

Seminar topics include: Basic Nonprofit Management, Board Member Roles and Responsibilities, Public Speaking and Media Relations, Boardroom Culture & Protocol, Nonprofit Finance & Accounting, Fundraising, and Leadership Development.

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Blueprint for Inclusion

LEAD with INTENT introduces boards and senior staff to inclusion concepts and principles that will lead to improved retention of new Latino board members.  This initial phase of the Latinos LEAD service model is customized for the nonprofit's program model, strategic position, target population, and service area demographics.

The interactive workshop prompts the nonprofit to realistically assess its readiness to successfully recruit Latinos to its board and for fully engaging them as productive board members.  Some organizations will find they are not well-positioned to recruit and retain Latinos LEAD candidates.  For organizations continuing with Latinos LEAD board member recruiting services, fees for the inclusion workshop are credited to the overall contract fee terms. 

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Sustaining Success

LEAD by EXAMPLE provides one year of formal mentoring services to new board members placed through Latinos LEAD.  Mentors bring senior professional experience to this important role, and are carefully selected from the ranks of our public and private sector partners.  Mentors meet regularly with newly appointed board members to provide ongoing advice and support, increasing their retention and effectiveness as nonprofit leaders.