Board Solutions Network Enrollment -Plan A


$1,250.00 for the first 3 months then $500.00 for an additional 3 months

Welcome to the Board Solutions Network, a service of Latinos LEAD designed to help nonprofit organizations recruit highly qualified Latino professionals for governing board positions. Latino board members can bring new insights and networks to nonprofit leadership teams–forging strategic alliances, developing more impactful programs, and reaching untapped donor pools.


Board Solutions Network

After your post goes “live” on our website, we conduct ongoing preliminary applicant screening and interviews. Qualified applicants are forwarded for your review, then we facilitate an introduction to your selected applicants.

We promote your governing board opportunity on our website, through ongoing outreach, in targeted Latino organization communications, and at national and regional Latino conferences and conventions.

Inclusion Readiness Intake

The Inclusion Readiness Intake process includes interviews with key informants, reviews of your public-facing and online content, inclusion statements, and institutional materials. This review helps you better understand how Latino candidates may perceive your organization when considering whether to serve on your governing board.


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