The representation of people of color on governing boards at the nation\’s top 40 environmental groups and foundations has been stagnant since 2018: \”In 2017 there were an average of 3 people of color on boards. In 2018 that increased to 4, and remained at 4 in 2019 and in 2020\” (average of 17 board members).

From a CNN report: \”Andrés Jimenez, executive director of Green 2.0, said it\’s not enough to hire more people of color. Structural change within an organization requires buy-in from leaders.\” Click here to read more.

From the NGO & Foundation Transparency Report Card:

\”For the fourth year in a row, Green 2.0—an independent advocacy campaign to increase racial and ethnic diversity within the mainstream environmental movement—presents diversity data from the movement’s most influential nonprofit organizations (“NGOs”) and foundations. The 2020 Green 2.0 Transparency Report Card reflects data collected from the 40 largest NGOs and 40 largest foundations on the number of women and people of color on their full-time staffs, senior staffs, and boards as collected through Green 2.0’s partnership with Guidestar by Candid. The full report shows the individual data for the top 40 NGOs and funders as reported over the four years.

\”This year’s results are colored by two major national news events—the COVID-19 pandemic and the nationwide protests over law enforcement abuse and racial justice reforms—that likely influenced the mixed participation we received from both NGOs and foundations.

Click here to read the full NGO & Foundation Transparency Report Card.

Latinos LEAD Offers Solution for Nonprofit Governing Boards

Latinos LEAD drives greater diversity on nonprofit governing boards in the climate and conservation sector through DELI 2.0. The second phase of its initiative focuses on collaboration with climate and conservation nonprofit organizations to increase the racial and ethnic diversity of their governing boards. This initiative is supported by grants from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the Ford Foundation, and a grant from an anonymous donor-advised fund. Learn more about DELI 2.0.

About Latinos LEAD

Latinos LEAD (Latinos for Leadership Excellence And Diversity) prepares and recruits qualified Latinos for nonprofit governing boards. Pursuing this mission will significantly advance Latino professional and community development, improve charitable sector outcomes, and contribute to a better quality of life for all Americans.


Ready to LEAD is a series of three webinar modules designed to prepare Latino professionals for effective nonprofit board service. Webinar Instructors facilitate fast-paced interactive sessions for small cohorts of seasoned professionals. Comprehensive handbooks and toolkits provide resources to support ongoing individual professional development in nonprofit strategy, management, and community leadership.