Latinos LEAD: Patrick Salazar
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Grant Supports Latino Leadership Development

Amegen Foundation Grant Underwrites Virtual Nonprofit Leadership Training

April 14, 2021 Los Angeles – A $25,000 grant from the Amgen Foundation was awarded in April to adapt for virtual delivery Ready to LEAD, the nonprofit governance training program of Latinos LEAD, a nonprofit organization that promotes Latino service sector boards of directors.

Grant funds will underwrite curriculum and production costs as Latinos LEAD converts what was a 14-hour training program into a 4-hour virtual webinar platform. Fundamental subject matter and some group activities will be retained, while a panel discussion and networking components will be considered for optional participation.

The grant will also support evaluation of the new virtual presentation model, as well as outreach to Latino employee resource groups at corporations throughout Southern California. A fee-for-service pricing structure will support the program’s retention and replication after the grant period expires in June 2022.

Latinos LEAD Executive Director Patrick Salazar, lauded the Foundation’s foresight. “This partnership demonstrates that the Foundation’s community investments are consistent with Amgen’s innovative business model.” Salazar continued, “The Foundation’s executive team was remarkably responsive and enthusiastic about this program. Their colleagues in the business lines immediately recognized the value of this program and made very insightful suggestions that will optimize its impact and reach.”

Eduardo Cetlin, Amgen Foundation President, noted “It is critical that we equip Latino leaders with the knowledge and skills to become successful board members in nonprofit organizations. Digitizing Latinos LEAD’s compelling training will allow them to reach many more participants and over time, help ensure that representation in nonprofit board rooms is at parity with our population”

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