Premier Board Recruiting

Premier Board Recruiting is a full-service executive search carried out by Latinos LEAD talent development experts, who collaborate with you to carefully define the optimal candidates. A customized primary source list of individuals and organizations is generated from our proprietary database. Direct outreach to these contacts and persistent follow-through with referrals leads to a curated pool of exceptional applicants and nominees. Latinos LEAD then collaborates closely with your team throughout the nomination process to successfully conclude the search.

Leadership Webinars

Latinos LEAD conducts a replacement search at no cost if an elected board member fails to complete a full year of service for reasons beyond your control.

Recruiting Fees

Premier Board Recruiting fees vary by organization budget, operating scope, and the number of candidates recruited.

Recruiting Partners

Premier Board Recruiting partners have the option to complete the Inclusion Readiness Intake, an organization assessment designed to promote more effective recruiting and retention of ethnically diverse board members.


Inclusion Readiness Intake

The Inclusion Readiness Intake process helps nonprofit organizations lay a foundation for successful recruitment and retention of Latino governing board members.  Latinos LEAD collaborates with your executive and board teams to develop inclusion guidance customized for your programming, strategic position, target population, and service area demographics.

This service is an option for organizations participating in either Premier Board Recruiting or the Board Solutions Network. 

Program Features

Recruit Qualified Board Members

Strengthen your nonprofit leadership team through Pathways to LEAD.

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