Our House Grief Support Center

Through nonprofit board service you can strengthen the community, acquire management experience, and develop wider social and professional networks.

Please carefully review the organization profile and the board member roles/responsibilities when considering these board openings. Latinos LEAD will contact you for a preliminary interview if you meet the qualifications. Applications from strong candidates will be forwarded to the nonprofit organization for consideration.
Attend a Ready to LEAD webinar to learn more about nonprofit management and leadership.

Programming Area(s)

Mental Health, Human services, grief support

Desired Expertise

Accounting, Communications, Corporate Executive, Elected or Appointed Public Official, Finance

Mission Statement

The Mission of OUR HOUSE Grief Support Center is to provide the community with grief support services, education, resources, and hope. Our Vision is to create a world in which grief is embraced, understood, and respected.


Board Member Requirements

  • Attend 4 quarterly Board meetings
  • Attend the annual retreat
  • Participate on at least one (1) committee
  • Meet the $10K annual Board “give and get”
  • Support and attend the annual Run for HopeHouse of Hope Gala, Night for Hope and other primary agency events
  • Accept the Board Term of three (3) years
  • Be a constant and accurate ambassador for the agency

Board Member Position Description

  • Supporting the mission and purpose of OUR HOUSE Grief Support Center
  • Continually expanding our circle of influence, and network with community contacts – both new and old – to cultivate and steward potential new Board members, significant donors, volunteers, and community collaborators
  • Providing referrals for the agency’s services, including support groups for adults and children, on-site grief responses, and professional education
  • Promoting and attending other agency events, such as those hosted by the agency, Associate Board, and Valley Advisory Board.

Members of our Board of Directors are each motivated by an abiding interest in making sure our agency is sustained in providing grief support to children and adults who have experienced the death of a loved one. Many have their eye on expanding our services because the needs in our community are larger than existing services.

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