Organization Profile - Los Angeles Waterkeeper

Please review carefully this profile and the board member roles/responsibilities when considering these board openings. Latinos LEAD will contact you for a preliminary interview if you meet the qualifications. Applications from strong candidates will be forwarded to the nonprofit organization for consideration.

Programming Area(s)

Environmental, Water Resources, Advocacy

Desired Expertise

Accounting, Communications, Corporate Executive, Finance, Legal, Programs/Projects

Mission Statement

Los Angeles Waterkeeper’s mission is to fight for the health of the region’s waterways, and for sustainable, equitable and climate-friendly water supplies. We envision the Los Angeles region as an international leader on integrated, sustainable and equitable water management; a region that is water self-sufficient, and where all waterways throughout the county are safe, healthy and accessible to the public.

Organization Description

For more than a quarter-century, Los Angeles Waterkeeper (LA Waterkeeper) has fought for the health of our waterways and sustainable, equitable, and climate-friendly water supplies for all Angelenos. All people and communities deserve to share in the benefits of a healthy and sustainable environment, and yet Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian American, and Pacific Islander (AAPI) and other communities of color face disproportionate impacts from pollution and other environmental injustices.

Clean water is not a privilege, it is a right. As members of the environmental movement, LA Waterkeeper is responsible for advocating for the environmental protection of the communities that are systematically repressed and whose voices are ignored. We cannot achieve clean water for all without addressing environmental racism and the current- and historic-ways frontline communities have been and are disproportionately affected by pollution, our aging infrastructure, and the economic burden of inefficient and wasteful investments and policies.

Position Description

We seek candidates eager to participate in advancing the mission of LA Waterkeeper (LAW). Our hope is to recruit Board members who will ensure LAW’s financial health and viability, while displaying enthusiasm for directing strategic vision.Because LAW serves the entirety of the LA region, it serves diverse communities in all respects, and as such our staff,board and volunteer leadership must reflect the great diversity of the LA community we serve. . Optimal candidates would proportionally represent the diversity of that landscape, particularly in regard to race, identity, orientation and geography.

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