Organization Profile - AbilityFirst™

Through nonprofit board service you can strengthen the community, acquire management experience, and develop wider social and professional networks.

Please carefully review the organization profile and the board member roles/responsibilities when considering these board openings. Latinos LEAD will contact you for a preliminary interview if you meet the qualifications. Applications from strong candidates will be forwarded to the nonprofit organization for consideration.
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Pasadena, CA

Programming Area(s)

Disabilities, Nonprofits, Philanthropy

Desired Expertise

Marketing, Construction, Finance, Info Technology; Community/Public Affairs (including former Elected or Appointed Officials), Finance

Mission Statement

AbilityFirst™ stands for, and alongside, people with developmental disabilities and their families. We create a welcoming environment where everyone feels they belong and are valued. Our first consideration is always for the well-being of our participants, and — through the mutual trust that we share — each person is supported to achieve his or her personal best.  At AbilityFirst we look beyond disabilities, focus on capabilities and expand possibilities.

Organization Description

AbilityFirst™ provides a variety of programs designed to help people with disabilities achieve their personal best throughout their lives. We do this by: creating targeted programming to help an individual successfully transition from childhood to adult life.

Board Member Position Description

Major Responsibilities of Board Members:

Be informed about AbilityFirst’s programs, services, and how they address the needs of our participants ·Actively participate in board and committee meetings expressing points of view based on experience and expertise · Actively participate in the organization’s funding efforts by identifying and soliciting donors

Members share these responsibilities while acting in the interest of Justice Outside. Each member is expected to offer recommendations and advice based on his or her experience and vantage point in the community.